The Hukkster team was seeing low rates of social engagement so they reached out for me to analyze where improvements could be made.

Below, I identified the interaction where users share a product to their social network. The action of sharing a product was overshadowed by the "Track this product" CTA. When a user clicked on "+share" a popup modal appeared and from there a user would select to share via social network or email.

Persona & Process

I started with creating a simple persona to set a base for the users that Hukkster is trying to evoke more sharing from. This helps give a better understanding of who uses the product and their motivations.

Setting a simple persona help set the base for the wireframes I created. The first wireframe focuses on sharing by having social icons front and center of a product card, product details are surfaced upon a hover interaction. The second wireframe has prominent social buttons that encourage sharing is just as important as Tracking/Hukking a product. The third wireframe gives the social icons a smaller amount of real estate but still is accessible on the card. The next step was to create higher fidelity mocks and discuss the options with Hukkster.


After thinking about the designs internally, I decided that the third solution with the small circle social icons was the best solution. It did not take up too much real estate, improved the visibility and accessibility of sharing a product, and did not detract from existing functionality. The first wireframe wasn't a good solution because it hid information and changed the look and feel of the product card too much. The second wireframe had the most prominent social icons but conflicted with the main CTA of Tracking a Product. I had a clear idea of the best solution but presented the options to the Hukkster team. It was unanimous to move forward with the third option, and soon after it was implemented.

Lessons Learned

Everything can’t be a priority. This is a lesson especially held true in this project's UI.

Hukkster is an online shopping tool that tracks products on the sites you love and notifies you when they go on sale. In one simple step, the Hukkster bookmarklet installs in your browser bar and acts as an ever-present companion that organizes and optimizes your online shopping. With Hukkster, shoppers can liberate their inboxes from the clutter of daily deals and generic promotions and only get notified about products they actually want.